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We started as a family run business producing Ready to run and also kits of Locomotives (Steam and Diesel), Multiple units (DMU, EMU and DEMU), Coaches (BR MK1, SR (Bulleid, Maunsell, Ironclad) LMS) Wagons (BR and the big four companies). We also sell accessories such as 2 different style of extruded Aluminium coach roof cut to length, etched coach windows, DMU/EMU motor bogie and various castings.

We took over the Model Express range of kits in 2015 and will gradually improve them over time. Included were Steam Locos, Diesel Locos, Multiple Units from the 50's up to the 00's.

I do my own CAD work and have made most of the masters required.

More new items will be added in due course when time permits along with more pictures.

As its only me now and I'm doing this part time (full time employed which is shiftwork), please do be patient

A small deposit is required to secure your RTR order.

Payment is any of the following, cheques payable to 'J & M Hughes' or bank transfer or lastly paypal (Friends and family). I can now accept card payments at shows and new is that can email a link from an app to accept card payments remotely

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